Inland Port 2013 - Issue 4 Star This

Inland Port Magazine is published by Hudson Jones Publications. Articles in the magazine come directly from those individuals and companies who do business on the rivers and at the inland ports and terminals of North America. The magazine's goal is to bring the many varied organizations in this industry together to form one outlet to cover the spectrum of interests pertaining to the inland waterways. Independently audited by the US Post Office as a Periodical Class Publication, our audience of 15,000+ qualified readers per issue spans the inland waterways and ports market. Inland Port readers include contractors, manufacturers, engineers and consultants who work within the Port Authority, Terminal, Barging, Tug, Pushboat, Merchant Marine, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Maritime Administration, Commodities, Commercial Diving, Port and Vessel Construction, Inspection & Repair, Marine Technology, and Inland/Coastal industry segments.

Inland Port Magazine is free to industry professionals and is distributed to all North American Port Authorities, Corps of Engineers, Waterway Operators, Federal and State Governmental Agencies, Industry Associations, and Commodities Shippers involved with the power or potential to move goods on the inland waterway system.