National Airlines to lease more B747-400Fs to BST Logistics

National Airlines' B747F

National Airlines has signed a deal to operate two B747-400F aircraft for Chinese firm BST Logistics as it expands its partnership with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

The deal will see National Airlines operate the B747-400Fs for BST Logistics on behalf of China Aerospace under a wet lease arrangement.

“With the strong business background and financial support of China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd., as well as BST’s rich experience and professional team, we believe we can offer greater and more versatile services to Chinese air freight market,” said Mark Burgess, president of National Airlines.

Shen Hong, president of BST Logistics, added: “Having committed ourselves in air charter and ACMI operation business for almost 20 years, BST has gained extensive experience in this industry.

"The co-operation with China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd. and the great service provided by National Airlines will support BST’s growth and its continued expansion in air freight transport in civil aviation operating services.”

BST has been operating scheduled flights serving China, Europe and US since 2004. At the moment, BST operates weekly flights using B747-400F wet leased from National Airlines. BST also operates other scheduled flights to and from China on a weekly basis.

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