Flexible Bollards by McCue The ‘Fighter Jets’ of Warehouse Protection

Bollards are the essential sentinels of damage prevention in the workplace – and thanks to McCue Corp, the humble protector is now armed with an array of features that makes your facility safety stronger, smarter and much more economical.

Flexible Bollards by McCue The ‘Fighter Jets’ of Warehouse ProtectionA finalist in ‘Best Innovation on an Existing Product’ at the illustrious MODEX expo, the McCue FlexCore Bollard’s flexible, shock absorbing properties help it deflect impacts – and its durable, high-visibility plastic shell is rust, scratch and dirt resistant.

Like many McCue products, the company’s designers stepped into the shoes of customers when creating the FlexCore Bollard. Traditional core-drilled or platemounted bollards can withstand impacts, but cracked concrete, permanent deformation and unsightly erosion through rust, flaking paint or general wear-and-tear create a multitude of maintenance costs and problems.

With the Flexcore Bollard, these issues are greatly diminished.

Utilising similar technology to highperformance aircraft and military vehicles, McCue’s innovators implemented a highstrength spring-steel post attached to an industrial shock absorber for the Bollard’s core. For the exterior, the steel post carries a rubber load ring that allows the cover to rotate on impact, flex and reform.

This triple-pronged protective process not only saves the bollard, it protects the vehicle or piece of equipment that comes into contact with it.

On top of this, installation is simple and fast, with no trip hazards and fully hidden hardware.

This, combined with the ultra-low maintenance properties of the bollard, adds up to a whole lot of savings over an extended period of time.

If your bollards need replacing, or if you’re about to install them new into your site, McCue’s state-of-the-art protectors will fight for your facility from the word go.

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