AMG Transport adds a Daf to the fleet

Airdrie, Scotland: Fresh fish transporter AMG Transport has a new Daf XF 530 FTG in its six-vehicle all-Daf fleet.

AMG Transport adds a Daf to the fleet

AMG Transport’s new Daf XF 530 FTG

The XF 530 will be one of two trucks running to Billingsgate on weekdays. AMG also runs fish to Birmingham Market on the same frequency, and Heathrow airport at least twice a week for the export markets.

AMG operates its own refrigerated trailers, supplied by Schmitz and Gray & Adams.

AMG is celebrating 10 years this year and as part of marking the milestone, has opted for a special Jamaica Blue paint finish on the New XF, rather than its normal black. The Daf Super Space Cab was specified with a leather trim package, fridge, microwave and roof mounted air-conditioning pod to give the driver maximum comfort. All were fitted by the local dealer, Imperial Commercials in Cumbernauld which provided the Dafs.

AMG owner Andy McGonnagle says: “I have a very good team here and I want to give them the best trucks for the job. They are all given their own vehicle to drive, no sharing, and they each take a pride in keeping it smart and cared for. It works for all of us.”