eBay and DHL partner with 24 /7 delivery network ‘Hubbed’

eBay and DHL partner with 24 /7 delivery network ‘Hubbed’

eBay and DHL eCommerce have partnered with parcel delivery network Hubbed, which provides parcel delivery to its network of petrol stations, convenience stores and newsagents for parcel drop offs and pick ups.

Through the eBay partnership, eBay sellers are now able to print shipping labels and drop off their customers’ goods at any of Hubbed’s 1,000 stores, the majority of which are open 24/7.

The new partnership with DHL eCommerce enables eBay sellers and other Australian online sellers with a Hubbed account to send their parcels to shoppers across 220 countries and territories by dropping off their parcels at a Hubbed store.

“The Hubbed model has put the customer at the heart of the delivery cycle,” said David McLean, Founder and CEO of Hubbed. “The seamless integration of our extensive parcel drop off network with our delivery carriers, and our low flat rates, is an attractive alternative to eBay sellers.

“Our major advantage is our network of stores that operates late – and over 60 per cent operate 24/7. Until now, online sellers were required to drop off their parcels during business hours at the post office or waited around for a pick up. Now, sellers can drop off at a location close by at a time that suits them including weekends. Hubbed completes the full delivery cycle, from domestic and international shipment, to click and collect, returns, and a pick-up point for failed deliveries.”

Charles Brewer, CEO of DHL eCommerce, added: “With online shopping sales by Australians reaching around $20 billion a year, and the number of parcels expected to rise in tandem, both sellers and shoppers need greater convenience and choice in the way they deliver and collect parcels. We are pleased to provide a boost to e-commerce in Australia through convenient drop-off and pick-up points now available extensively across the country to enable delivery to over 220 countries and territories worldwide.”