Samsung Selects Operating System for Self-Driving Fleet

Renovo's AWare operating system combines software, data analytics and automotive-grade safety systems. Photo courtesy of Renovo.

Samsung Selects Operating System for Self-Driving Fleet

Renovo, a technology company that builds automated mobility operating systems, said the company’s AWare system will be used in Samsung Electronics’ first fleet of test vehicles in California.

The two companies have been collaborating on autonomous vehicle technology since the beginning of 2017, according to Renovo. Renovo has been working specifically with the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center Smart Machines Group.

Renovo’s AWare, an operating system built for automated mobility on demand, will help accelerate development of autonomous vehicles at scale, according to Renovo. AWare is already powering self-driving test vehicles on both public and private roads.

“Samsung is a global technology leader that helped disrupt the entire communications industry as traditional flip phones became the smartphones we use today,” said Chris Heiser, cofounder and CEO of Renovo. “With a similar transformation coming to the mobility sector, Samsung was the first and obvious choice for Renovo to partner with as a technology collaborator and investor.”

Renovo’s focus on building a robust and scalable operating system for autonomous vehicles aligns with Samsung’s mission to create open technologies that ultimately lead to safer and smarter vehicles, according to Samsung.

“Automation is transforming the mobility experience, and it requires that the automotive industry come together to create a truly safe, open, and interoperable ecosystem,” said John Absmeier, senior vice president of the Harman Autonomous/ADAS strategic business unit and vice president of smart machines for the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center.

Samsung has partnered with and invested in a number of automotive tech companies involved in the development of autonomous driving systems.