Enter Concordia Damen Shipbuilding

Damen Shipyards Group and Concordia Group have signed a joint venture agreement with the purpose of cooperating in the construction and trade of inland waterway vessels

The joint venture will operate under the name Concordia Damen Shipbuilding. “Damen and Concordia are joining forces in order to better support clients in their investments," said Chris Kornet, CEO of Concordia.

"Concordia Damen Shipbuilding will, beside catering to the general demand, focus on the development of sustainable vessels with a diversity of new shipbuilding techniques, in order to achieve a bright and clean future for shipowners. We are very pleased to partner with Damen to expand our activities in the inland waterways market."

Concordia has been active in the Dutch inland waterways business since 2001 and also internationally over the past 10 years. The corporate identity of Concordia will remain within the new joint venture. The joint venture will increase production capacity.

Damen operates a global network of shipyards as well as an international sales and service network. The Inland Waterways team, led by Product Director Inland Waterway Transport Simon Provoost, will stay in the Netherlands, but move from the Damen headquarters in Gorinchem to the Concordia office in Werkendam. “Both parties are very pleased with this partnership and look forwards towards a future with ambition and mutual trust,” says Mr. Provoost, who is appointed Managing Director of Concordia Damen Shipbuilding.

  • Damen Shiprepair & Conversion has been awarded a contract to undertake the conversion of a dredger to dual-fuel capability combining LNG and MGO. This will be the first conversion of its kind to take place in Europe.
  • The contract was awarded by Rouen-based GIE Dragages-Ports with regard to its 117m, 8500m³ trailing suction hopper dredger SAMUEL DE CHAMPLAIN, and the works will take place next year at Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque. The conversion is part of an EU-supported initiative to promote LNG propulsion in short-sea vessels operating along the European Atlantic coast.
  • Under the contract, Damen is delivering a turnkey package that includes engineering, procurement and support. The current propulsion system of the SAMUEL DE CHAMPLAIN,is diesel-electric burning MGO, and so the package includes the change of generators to dual-fuel models and the installation of onboard LNG storage facilities. The vessel was built in 2002 and is the largest vessel in the GIE Dragages-Ports fleet. Based in the Grand Maritime Port of Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, she divides her time between the Loire and Seine estuaries.
  • GIE Dragages-Ports owns, maintains and charters out a fleet of seven dredgers to six ports serving the French Atlantic coast plus Marseille-Fos in the Mediterranean. It is 50% owned by the seven ports and 50% by the French State. Each port charters the dredgers from GIE Dragages-Ports according to its needs and is responsible for operating them and supplying its own crew.