Advanced Dynamics invests £500,000 to double capacity

Advanced Dynamics invests £500,000 to double capacity

The packaging and labelling equipment supplier started with the acquisition of a neighbouring unit that doubles its engineering capacity to around 3,000 sqm.

The new unit will be developed as a dedicated engineering centre with product development and servicing capabilities, whilst the existing space will be refurbished as a sales and admin facility with extended demonstration area and meeting rooms.

The developments will result in a number of new jobs across several disciplines, with the demo area available by spring 2018 and the entire project completed by early summer.

The expansion will also enable Advanced Dynamics to stock more Pack Leader machines – including fillers, cappers, labellers and sleevers.

Malcolm Little, Advanced Dynamics managing director, said it has been a successful couple of years for our business, with record sales of some of the Pack Leader solutions.

“The time has come to ramp up operations. We already respond rapidly to customer crises, sometimes within 24 hours, and this expansion will give us the ability to increase our stock levels even further, as well as develop more bespoke solutions for specific customer requirements.

“The improved sales and demo facility will also provide our customers with a much more integrated and informative experience, and staff – both new and existing – with a more pleasant working environment. Last but not least, our new ERP management system will provide us with streamlined control of all our business operations. We can’t wait to get the new facilities up and running to give our business a further boost and customers easy access to every possible packaging solution they might need, all under one roof.”