Cascade's Latest Damage Reduction Brings HFC™ to Carton Clamps

Cascade's Latest Damage Reduction Brings HFC™ to Carton Clamps

Cascade J-Series Carton Clamp

Whatever kind of product you might be handling, there is always the drive to be more efficient: load faster, carry more, and deliver on time. To meet these demands, it’s also important to deliver product intact and reduce the risk of product damage during handling. In addition to a full range of material handling solutions, Cascade Corporation provides a suite of damage reduction systems and accessories to increase operator efficiency and the success rate for delivering product damage free.

Cascade is pleased to introduce the latest addition to damage reduction: Hydraulic Force Control for Carton Clamps. Hydraulic Force Control, or HFC™, is one of Cascade’s most popular damage reduction accessories because of its ability to minimize product damage and improve efficiency without any additional driver input. HFC™ senses the hydraulic pressure necessary to lift a load and adjusts clamping pressure proportional to the load weight, reducing the risk of under- or over-clamping the load, which can lead to damage.

Cascade's Latest Damage Reduction Brings HFC™ to Carton Clamps

Cascade HFC Valve

As the newest solution in our suite of damage reduction systems, HFC™ for Carton Clamps offers automatic clamp force adjustment to prevent damage while operating a Cascade Carton Clamp. Customers can handle a wide range of products, including paper products, appliances, electronics, packaged foods, and more. The system operates without any special actions on the part of the driver, making it a fast, efficient, and driver-friendly solution.

Cascade's Latest Damage Reduction Brings HFC™ to Carton Clamps

HFC automatically adjusts clamp force according to the load.

Additional features of HFC™ for Carton Clamps include:

  • Almost infinite adjustment of clamp force in the normal operating range of the attachment. The system adjusts clamp force proportional to the load weight.
  • Hydraulic valves are easy to mount onto the lift truck.
  • Constant clamp force when switching from Freelift to Mainlift
  • HFC is flexible, allowing easy adjustment for:
    • A low initial clamp force
    • Various ranges of clamp force
    • Balancing clamp force between Freelift and Mainlift.
    • Balancing clamp force when the size of the truck and clamp are not ideally matched.
  • Compatible with all J-Series & D-Series Cascade Carton Clamps.

The HFC™ system allows for easy installation, meaning it can improve your operating efficiency and reduce product damage today. For more information on HFC™, or to find out about Cascade’s full range of damage reduction solutions, contact Cascade. Our highly skilled sales team can recommend a customizable material handling solution based on your needs.

Cascade's Latest Damage Reduction Brings HFC™ to Carton Clamps
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