Totvs Presents RFID and IoT Solutions at New Showroom

Dec 22, 2017—

Totvs, a Brazilian multinational firm that provides business solutions to companies of all sizes, has introduced its new solutions showroom at the company's new headquarters in São Paulo. The newly opened building, in addition to being more suited to Totvs's growth plans, shows how innovation and technology can be used in business, the firm reports, with use experiences and examples of impact on business productivity.

In order for its solutions to be experienced in practice, Totvs has created for its clients and prospects the Sensational Experiences Space. The showroom contains multiple visual environments that demonstrate its technology for different segments, based on radio frequency identification (RFID) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Totvs Presents RFID and IoT Solutions at New Showroom

The Sensational Experiences Space

The space is divided between supply chain (agroindustry, manufacturing and logistics), consumer (fashion, food services, supermarket and emporium), health care, and professional services (education, construction projects, hospitality, services and legal). In the center of the room, a 70-inch touchscreen interactive table depicts the city of Totvs in 3D, with graphic simulations, videos and demos of all vertical markets in which the company operates.

The supply chain area includes agribusiness, with technologies focused on data-collection concepts in the field; pest and disease control; the real-time management of machinery and input applications; and the use of strategic planning and management by maps and indicators. Several steps rely on RFID technology, which is used for sensing and tracking purposes.

In advanced manufacturing, strongly based on the IoT concept of Industry 4.0, the production of a 3D printer product is displayed, with a collaborative robot assisting processes on an assembly line, integrated with monitors that show the order of production in real time, with control and automation of the factory floor. Next, for Logistics 4.0, the processes of shipment and loading through RFID data collectors, with 100 percent automation, take place—with cargo arrangement for travel taking into account product fragility and delivery routes.

"Many talk about usage experiences," says Gustavo Bastos, Totvs's VP of supply chain, "but today, Totvs consolidates a unique and totally differentiated space, materializing all its discourse of digital transformation, so that the technological innovations can be experienced in practice, to demonstrate the company's breadth of service and how areas complement each other. Now, companies can truly see and test all the benefits of these advancements to business."