More gigaliner routes in Germany

As expected, the German road network open to 25.25m (3 TEU) gigaliner trucks (aka ecocombis), has been extended

A gigaliner in Germany can gross out at 40 tonnes, or 44 tonnes for intermodal units, which limits them to cube out loads and empty transports.

With effect from 12th December 2017, the longer road trains are allowed on all motorways in the state of Nordrhein Westfalen (NRW) and on a number of roads one category below the level of a motorway: the Bundesstrassen.

Significantly, two more key federal states in the west of Germany have cautiously, joined the gigaliner network, Saarland and Rheinland Pfalz. Whereas NRW borders Belgium and the Netherlands, these two states border Luxembourg, France and NRW. Hence gigaliners with o/d points in Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland can access the Rhine seaports via NRW, although for the time being Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland the routes must be motorways.

The two states have, however, also lifted all restrictions for ‘lengthened trailers’ (Lang Lkw Typ 1) - ie Kögel 14.9m Eurotrailers - on their entire road network.

The network extensions have already been adopted by Germany’s federal transport ministry (BMVI) in Berlin, in the meanwhile, following the 8th decree allowing extension of the gigaliner network, dubbed Positivnetz (Positive Network), which includes 15 federal states. Such extensions follow entries submitted by the states themselves. As the states are continually monitoring their road network for further extensions, further such updates assembling the states’ entires are likely.

The summary of all roads incorporated in the newly effective network can be downloaded from: