Bavarian Railway invites bids for two concessions

Bavarian Railway invites bids for two concessionsQuintus Vosman

BAVARIAN Railway Company (BEG) has issued calls for tender for the operation of two networks in the Augsburg area: E-Network electric services and the D-Network Augsburg II diesel services.

BEG says ridership in the area has increased by 70% resulting in a 2 million increase in train-km per year. As a result, BEG wants to introduce a high-frequency train service in the Augsburg area and reopen the Stauden Line between Gesserthausen and Langenneufnach.

The networks will be divided into two lots. The Lot 1 concession, which will be for 12 years, is being tendered jointly by BEG and the Ministry of Transport of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, as some services operate into the state as far as Aalen and Ulm.

Lot 1 comprises two lines:
• Ulm - Augsburg - Munich, and
• Würzburg - Treuchtlingen/Aalen - Donauwörth - Augsburg - Munich.

Lot 2 is located only in Bavaria with a total annual volume of 10.3 million train-km. The concession will be for nine years and comprises four lines:
• Schongau - Weilheim - Geltendorf - Augsburg Oberhausen
• Ingolstadt - Augsburg Oberhausen
• Eichstätt Stadt - Eichstätt (- Ingolstadt), and
• Langenneufnach - Gessertshausen (- Augsburg).

The concessions will be introduced in three stages. Stage 1 will start at the end of 2021 and includes the reopening of the Stauden Line. The Treuchtlingen - Würzburg line will be transferred to the E-network. A two-hourly-interval timetable will be introduced which offers more through services.

Stage 2 will start when the Stuttgart - Ulm high speed line opens and the Stuttgart 21 project has been completed.

Stage 3 will begin when the new S-Bahn cross-city line in Munich has been completed. This will see the introduction of a new 30-minute-interval regional S-Bahn service between Munich, Geltendorf and Buchloe.

Trains must be able to operate at a minimum of 160km/h for Lot 1 services and at 120km/h for Lot 2 services, and they cannot be more than 10-years-old. BEG will facilitate the introduction of new rolling stock by giving financial guarantees and guaranteeing to pass the trains on to the next concession.