Big changes in Koper

The Supervisory Board and top management at the Slovenian sea port underwent major changes as 2017 drew to a close

Supervisory Board members at Luka Koper (Port of Koper) Irena Vinček and Andraz Novak were dismissed from their posts summarily on 29th December 2017 along with CEO Dragomir Matič.

The Board immediately appointed Dimitrij Zadel as the new CEO. Mr. Zadel joins from the fuel distributor OMV Slovenjya. Irma Gubaneč, former managing director of the newspaper publishing company Delo, was appointed to the Supervisory Board in charge of finance and accounting and Metod Podkriznik, head of the logistics company Fersped, was made also a member of the Board. The three new executives have signed a five year contract.

In addition Uros Illič has been appointed President of the Advisory Board and Andraz Lipolt has also been appointed to the Board. Mr Illič explained that the dismissal of the former management followed a no-confidence vote. He did not go into details, but said that the two employees' representatives abstained.