Dearman to exhibit zero emission technology in US

London, UK: Dearman will exhibit its liquid nitrogen-powered engine at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, California’s biggest event for ‘clean’ transport that takes place late this month.

Dearman to exhibit zero emission technology in US

Dearman to boost its US presence

The Dearman Engine that has no emissions of nitrogen oxide and particulate matter will feature as an alternative to diesel technologies.

Toby Peters, director, Dearman will speak on achieving zero emissions in refrigerated transport (Wednesday, 2 May) and will set out the potential of Dearman’s technology.

California’s Air Resources Board is tackling pollution from diesel powered truck fridges through tougher regulation, requiring all fridges to be registered, and encouraging a shift to cleaner technologies.

John Martin, vice president for the Americas, Dearmans, says:“We very much look forward to taking our groundbreaking technology to the USA. California has made it a priority to tackle polluting diesel TRUs and we know that Dearman’s technology will be an attractive solution for many fleet operators in the state. The ACT Expo is a major industry event for promoting clean transport in North America and that makes it a valuable opportunity to showcase the benefits of the Dearman system.”