Made in China 2025: Beijing's Big Ambitions From Robots to Chips

Made in China 2025: Beijing's Big Ambitions From Robots to Chips

China is looking to catch up with rivals like the United States and Germany in high-end technology, making a major push with a “Made in China 2025” strategy that identifies 10 key sectors, including robotics, aerospace and clean-energy cars.

The drive by President Xi Jinping is at the heart of a bruising trade standoff between China and the United States, with Washington concerned that Chinese companies, backed by the state, could overtake its own tech titans.

Chinese trade partners in Europe, especially Germany, have also raised concerns that a more protectionist China is aggressively moving up the value chain faster than expected. Below are the key targets China has set in high-end tech.

Chips, Computers and Cloud

China wants home-made chips used in smartphones to make up 40 percent of the local market by 2025, helping cut heavy reliance on imports. Computers and cloud systems should also close the quality gap on international rivals. In smart manufacturing, China wants domestic firms to have 60 percent of the market in industrial censors.

Robot Wars

Chinese firms making industrial robots should make up half of the market by 2020 and 70 percent by 2025 by when local robotics systems should have been “perfected” to compete with global rivals. The country is aiming for 2-3 local champions.