Warehouse space problem?

If your business has outgrown your warehouse space, you have three real options but whichever you choose, a temporary building could potentially be the most cost-effective answer.

You know you’ve got a warehouse space problem when your reach 80% – 85% capacity

At between 80% – 85% space utilisation, you’ll reach the tipping point for a drop in warehouse efficiency from a movement and storage perspective. The options are clear, you need more warehouse space or better utilisation of the warehouse space you have.

Option 1 – Move into bigger premises

If only it was that easy I hear you say! Unless there are other compelling reasons you need to move, this is probably your last resort. If you’ve ever moved a business you’ll know it makes a house move seem like a walk in the park.

Option 2 – Re-organise and optimise the space you have

Here comes the catch 22! If you want to re-configure your warehouse space, you need space to do it. This is why it often gets put off while you can manage and typically warehouses become so full and inefficient, something drastic needs to happen.

Option 3 – Rent some additional space off-site

This is where you get into all those costly logistical problems of managing rented space off-site. So you’ve made something that’s inefficient on-site – inefficient and added expense. This is because on top of the additional storage fees the off-site warehouse will charge you, you’ve also got the headache of managing stock in two locations.

Instant, cost effective on-site storage space in just days!

If you have space at your current location, bigger premises may not be as expensive as you think.

Temporary warehouses are probably the most cost effective way to expand your current warehouse space. They can adjoin your current facilities – provide virtually identical performance of a conventional building at a fraction of the price.

Whether you need to rent a temporary warehouse for a few weeks while you reconfigure your space, lease for a few years or buy outright – Aganto will help you solve your warehouse space problem fast, in the most cost-efficient way.


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