Event - Aptos Engage Europe 2018

20-21 June, London

Are You Ready to Engage Differently?

Retail is ever evolving. Keeping relevant, engaging with your customers, making the most of what retail technology can offer and delivering seamless experiences, has never been so important. In the last 12 months Aptos has been on an incredible journey, bringing changes to enable you to ‘retail differently’.

Aptos Engage Europe 2018 brings 100+ retail attendees, industry professionals and Aptos experts for two days of high level business content, interactive sessions, presentations and networking, focused on driving attendees’ businesses to higher levels of performance for 2018 and beyond.

Aptos Solutions are in 130,000 stores across 1,000 retail brands in 55 Countries

Are you ready to retail differently? Do you want to know more?

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