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The LKE Group is the only company that can deliver total package solutions in material handling and logistics for “Lineside Manufacturing”.

Business is in a state of constant change. For many large companies the numbers of SKUs, order size variations and batches are more complex that ever. LKE can help your logistics, manufacturing or retail business through operational changes with its dynamic, flexible and high quality logistics solutions. Our carefully planned material handling systems guarantee an optimum flow of material in your operational sites. We work with YOU to assess the specific needs and the finer aspects of every materials replenishment and goods delviery scenario.


Tugger trains are one of the main product segments at LKE Group and are an area of focus in the global intralogistics industry.

Transportation and handling in “clean room” environments calls for exacting solutions. Our aluminum and stainless steel pallets, containers and cage trolleys, our lifting and tilting equipment or pallet jacks can all be used here. They are customised solutions designed to comply with the strict standards for areas subject to strict hygiene standards.

For distribution logistics, our LKE Mailbox, Parcel and Mail delivery carts are suitable for courier express and parcel services. Every product can be tailored to your specific application.

LKE cage trolleys, shelving systems, laundry and recycling collectors, hand trucks and platform trolleys are used in a highly diverse range of applications in distribution logistics, supply logistics, textiles, trade, the beverage industry and ecommerce logistics.

In “floor to floor logistics”, involving the linking of factory buildings or entire production sites, our LKE roll-on roll-off aluminium containers and aluminium trolleys are able to guarantee problem-free and safe transport both indoors and outdoors. We plan, design and assemble the container and trolley systems in our own production facility, with years of experience in the end-to-end process. We offer customised solutions and high quality serial products for straightforward loading, unloading and reloading to ensure rapid transfer processes observing professional standards and maximum safety, by air, rail, road and sea.

There is a huge range of applications for our aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel products that optimise the transportation and assembly of goods for many scenatios in almost every industrial sector.

Case study: Leyland Trucks

Leyland Trucks is a large scale manufacturing operation located in Lancashire producing a range of commercial vehicles in the DAF range including LF, XF and CF variants. With a daily output of around 70 trucks, often running multiple shifts and accounting for all the model variations and specifications, material flow and supply is one of the most important operational challenges for the assembly plan. Trucks are built to order and material received to the factory is distributed to lineside in a number of ingenious ways.

Using a fleet of LKE X-Type platform trolleys, Leyland Trucks is able to load its standard Euro-sized (1200×800) pallet containers onto the frame in a four-trolley configuration, often combining both together safely. This increases the delivery capacity and volume while reducing the frequency of traffic in the factory, previously occupied by forklift systems. Using the clutch/drawbar system, the X-Type trolleys are able to directly follow the line of the towing tractor to allow tight turning and passage in narrow aisles where dual-side loading and unloading is high effective.

Outcome of LKE trolleys at Leyland Trucks

• The Leyland Trucks facility is now able to run a leaner material delivery operation, reducing waste in terms of empty runs and distance travelled.

• A modular design is now in place that allows for any other LKE trolley to be attached in any configuration of the train.

• Investment costs and maintenance requirements are significantly reduced.

• LKE trailers are highly robust in design and ensure high security of components while in transport, reducing the risk of damage.

• Shop floor space utilisation is now maximized due to reduction in aisle width.



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