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Vernon Hills, IL -June 14, 2018 -The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association partnered with the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council, MSSC and Amatrol, a leading provider of technical e-learning systems to produce an industry wide Certified Forklift Technician (CFT) program. The CFT was created to raise performance of forklift technicians, assist individuals in finding higher paying jobs and help employers ensure their workforce is skilled and robust.

Today there is an average of 10,000-job openings as a forklift technician nationwide, but without a nationally recognized certification program, students are not getting exposure to careers as a forklift technician. Along with the CFT course material, MHEDA produced a video to help dealers demonstrate the lucrative career path of a forklift technician and recruit students and potential new hires.

While schools are eager to place graduates in highly paid, well-compensated jobs, dealers are eager to get in front of graduates and explain the benefits, culture, and upward mobility of being a forklift technician at their company. In order to ensure the partnership between the school and dealer is successful, material handling equipment dealers must band together and communicate the total number of technicians needed in their community when initially approaching a school.

Material handling dealers who face this challenge often already have a working relationship with a local school. If no relationship exists, MSSC will provide a list of schools who have an existing relationship with MSSC. Dealers should prepare to engage with the schools by hosting student visits, offering scholarships, visiting the schools, and offering summer internships. Get started with your local school and obtain CFT course material by emailing MSSC, Send an email or calling Helen Smythe at MSSC, 703.739.9000.

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