China Manufacturing Digital Transformation Summit 2018 is attracting much attention.

On the 13-14th September, China Enterprise Digital Transformation Summit 2018 will be held in Shanghai organized by ECV International.

The evolution of the digital enterprise has gone through three main stages: the main solution was the complex computing problem during the 70s and 80s of last century which  was a complex computing era, and the information processing and decision-making problems of business management were solved in the information age in 90s. At the beginning of this century, the time of internetworking was interconnected, and the communication between people and people was solved. Cross regional issues such as communication and e-commerce.

In the 10s of twenty-first Century, Germany, the United States, China and other countries put forward the strategy of industrial 4, industrial Internet and manufacture of 2025 countries, declaring that the age of wisdom is about to enter the age of wisdom. The primary stage is the digital age and the sharing time in recent years, which will solve the problems of digital behavior and intelligent decision making, and the future will be Into the high stage, that is, the age of wisdom. It is investigated that the increment value of industries related to digital transformation in the world will reach 10 trillion dollars by 2020, among which 67% of the world’s top 1000 enterprises and 50% of the China’s top 1000 enterprises will take digital transformation as their strategic core.

Although many enterprises are deploying solutions such as cloud computing, big-data analytics, internet of things and mobile office, more enterprises are in the exploration period of digital transformation. Digital transformation process of enterprises is still hindered by the insufficiency in IT implementation, and few enterprises have a complete blueprint for digital transformation. Facing the problems of how to achieve digital transformation, enterprise need to reconsider issues in enterprise culture, strategy, operation process and other aspects, even including cooperation with their partners.    

In this contextThe Summit will take root in China, focus on core technology of digital transformation, discuss successful digital transformation cases in manufacturing, and provide references and industrial exchange platform for enterprises to know how to make digital transformation with keynotes, panel discussion and Q&A sessions, in order to promote the rapid and sustainable development of digital economy.



Winning in the Future -- Embrace Digital Transformation

Paving the Path to Digital Transformation with Connection and Cloud

In the Era of Industry 4.0, Digitization Facilitates Manufacturing to Achieve Upgrade and Transformation

Driven by Digital Transformation—from Manufacturing to Intelligent Manufacturing

New Business Model Innovation Driven by Digital Transformation in automotive industry

Digital Transformation Practice of Midea

Maximizing Cloud Computing’s Value, Driving Digital Transformation

Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities in the Process of Digital Transformation

Focus on Cyber Security under the Digital Transformation

Digital Reinvention-- -- How to Achieve Fundamental Changes from Business Model to Business Process

Best Solution Approach of Digital Transformation

How Data Analysis Redefine the Future Factory of Aviation

The Role of Digital Supply Chain in the Process of Digital Transformation

AI+IoT--Leading Enterprise Transformation in the Digital Age

Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation of a German Manufacture in China

Human Resources Management during Digital Transformation




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Industry automation





Energy and Power

Privacy Security

Supply chain and logistics

AI and IoT

Platform and solutions

Human resource management

Block chain


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