Iceland also pledges to close stores early if England makes the World Cup final

The company has pledged to close all UK Iceland and The Food Warehouse stores at 2pm on the day. It has also promised to pay all store staff in full for their scheduled hours if the closures go ahead.

Earlier this week, Lidl said it will close its stores at 3pm on Sunday if England wins the semi-final match tonight.

Iceland operations director Ewan McMahon said: “We have huge confidence in the ability of the England team to reach and win the World Cup final – but we did not want to tempt fate, so we were planning to make this announcement on Wednesday once the semi-final result was known.

“However, the Germans have already got their towels on the sun-loungers with yesterday’s announcements from two of our rivals, so it seems right to let our colleagues and customers know our plans now.”

Iceland has also included stores in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the early closures.

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