TouchPath launches latest manufacturing and distribution asset management system

International supply chain solutions provider TouchPath is launching a new version of ‘TouchAsset’, its manufacturing and distribution asset performance management system which “Improves asset management and maintenance to optimise company performance and profit” says TouchPath. TouchAsset provides greater visibility of company assets and their maintenance while reducing data entry time and errors. It monitors multiple assets in real time including production line tooling, distribution centre totes, field equipment, assets by location, and personnel, using automated data collection from active and passive RFID tags or bar codes to produce easy-to-read, role-based dashboard reports on PCs, smartphones and other browser-equipped devices. This information helps the user to improve asset use, schedule maintenance with greater efficiency, save time tracking down equipment and parts and eliminate the problem of lost or stolen assets.

TouchAsset can be used standalone or integrated with any ERP, WMS, MES, quality control, RFID, data collection or back office system. It is available in four asset tracking software packages: ‘fixed asset basic’ which audits warehouse or other assets, including furniture and computer equipment, using RFID or bar code data; ‘fixed asset advanced’, which uses passive RFID technology and mobile scanners to detect all tagged assets in a given area without needing to scan each asset; ‘portal tracker’, which uses RFID monitoring and alerts at portal locations to track the movement of RFID-tagged, higher value assets; and ‘zone tracker’ which monitors equipment that is checked in or out of a defined secure storage area. Zone tracker can be used to monitor inventory levels across multiple storage zones and multiple facilities.

For asset maintenance TouchPath’s ‘asset visibility with equipment maintenance’ software allows organisations to manage scheduled and unscheduled, preventative and corrective maintenance in an automated environment and gives technicians on the move rapid access to information on assets and equipment repairs. Other benefits of the system include the ability to track parts and supplies, maintain asset repair histories, carry out inspections and track technician activity by capturing scanned locations, equipment and parts retrieved during the working day. The system also enables asset audits and compliance.

Commenting on the launch, TouchPath international CEO David Myers says: “The latest TouchAsset software family deploys best-in-class technology to help companies make better use of their manufacturing, distribution and other assets. It has been developed to optimise asset performance and profit, so delivers rapid ROI.”

The asset management system market is expected to reach USD 25.55 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 15.17%. (Source: TouchPath uses smart, flexible modules that can be bolted together in almost any combination to deliver a customised solution at an off-the-shelf price, deploying systems technology that captures more information for better business performance and faster ROI, according to the company.

TouchPath has operations in the UK (Halifax HX1 5ER) and the USA (High Point, NC 27265).