Millennials are driving a change in the Automobile Industry

Today's world is driven by technology frenzy and dominated by the tech-savvy people born during the early 1980s to early 2000s, referred mostly to as the millennials. The Millennials are used to getting tasks done by exploiting technology and very often are seen to be lazy with the penchant for easy living. And the automobile industry is also having its fair feel of the technological revolution championed by the millennials.

The car markets are saturated with plenty of tech-driven automobiles and this is steadily spreading to the hitherto traditional luxury brands. Soon the huge impact on luxury car brands by the millennials will be felt greatly. The director of connected vehicles and data at Audi America during the CAR Management Briefing Seminars in Michigan discussed how millennials are changing the automobile industry.

"The group – which includes people born between 1981 and 1996 – are a market pressure that is creating the need to change. Part of this change involves going high-tech. The access to information that they have in the rest of their life needs to be there in the car as well," said Anupam “Pom” Malhotra according to Carscoops.

Positioning to appeal to customers of this age and possibly embrace and get ready for the future, Audi is aligning to this rapidly emerging trend and is making many of its recent models connected and possessing the semi-autonomous driving technology.

Thanks to Millennials' picky buying habits, the whole buying experience has to become more comfortable and convenient and a lot more mobile.

The Audi model Q3 was made to suit the millennials demand and appeal to them in particular. Even though it is no match to the Audi model A8 in advancement, it sure parades a digital instrument cluster, an 8.8 or 10.1-inch information Cumming entertainment system, an awesome voice control technology and arrays of various user-friendly driver assistance systems.

Anupam “Pom” Malhotra had also opened that the changes the millennials bring along with them won't only be on cars, He also said that "the whole buying experience has to become more comfortable and convenient and a lot more mobile.”

So many automobile companies already are fashioning their car buying process to suit the trend, with a glaring example being the Hyundai‘s Shopper Assurance program which allows potential customers test drive their choice of car even prior to their visit to any dealership.

According to a data from the Experian, 29.7 percent of the new cars sold in North America at the moment points towards the ever growing important role the millennials are playing in the transformation of the automobile industry, a trend which automakers will have to adjust quickly and stick permanently with, should they desire to stay afloat in the automobile industry. By the next few decades, every car on the road will be tech-driven according to the age of the millennials.

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