Ekol Poland expands cooperation with Regatta Ltd.

Early in spring this year, Ekol Logistics developed intermodal solutions; such as a new block train launched between Sète (France) and Zeebrugge (Belgium), added the 6th own Ro-Ro, thus increasing frequency of Ro-Ro’s services between Turkey and Spain, while simultaneously adding Lavrio (close to Athens) to this route. Ekol is also developing cooperation with their customers by expanding the range of existing services.
“As of October, Poznań branch of Ekol Poland will increase the area of its warehouse premises to 10,000 sq. m to expand our comprehensive logistics services. It is necessary as we are entering the second phase of cooperation with Regatta – the UK’s best loved outdoor clothing company selling outdoor clothes and equipment.” – says Arkadiusz Jastrzębski, Country Manager Ekol Poland.
It is the second stage of cooperation between Ekol and Regatta. In the first stage of cooperation -  started in January 2018, Ekol serves about 650,000 pcs of nearly 4000 SKUs stored on over 2,000 sq. m of a high racking system warehouse. At this stage, Ekol sends shipments to customers located in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary.
“In the second phase of the project, we will be preparing and shipping consignments to almost every country in Europe. Right now, we offer such services as storage, packing, VAS, while in the second stage we will also be offering bonded warehouse and customs clearance services.”– says Marcin Trawczyński, Ekol Poznań Branch Manager.
Thanks to the growing cooperation with Regatta, Ekol will significantly increase its headcount and will be employing 120-130 people in Poland.
Most of Ekol’s customers are from the automotive, hi-tech, fashion, retail, industrial, FMCG and healthcare sectors. The company has the know-how of the fashion sector as 16% of its global turnover derives from this industry.
The fashion sector is becoming increasingly demanding as changes of collections are more frequent nowadays. It is crucial to follow all trends in this sector to be able to offer the best logistics solutions.
“The first stage of our cooperation went well so we believe we are ready to further our cooperation with Ekol.“ - says John Mulvihill, Group Commercial Manager, Regatta Ltd.
Ekol entered Poland in May 2015 and currently operates in 5 cities (Warsaw,  Poznań, Sosnowiec, Wrocław and Tychy).
“Ekol Poland develops not only comprehensive logistics services but also groupage transport  and FTL services. For instance, we have a groupage road connection from Sosnowiec to Ostrava, Budapest, Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Sofia or Thessaloniki. We are going to launch more and more groupage connections from/to Poland and Europe. At the same time, Ekol Poland has just obtained the AEO Certificate, which allows entrepreneurs to benefit from facilitations related to customs control as well as those provided for under customs regulations.” – says Arkadiusz Jastrzębski, Country Manager, Ekol Poland.

Ekol Poland offers also intermodal connections, for example between Poland and Turkey, as well as  from/to Iran, Greece or Israel.

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