Expensive pills on the bill? PhRMA takes aim at hospitals in drug pricing campaign

Pharma industry trade group PhRMA has a new ad in its drug pricing campaign, going after hospital medicine markups. (Getty/ADragan)

PhRMA is taking on hospitals again in a new iteration of its ad campaign around drug costs. Its charge? Hospitals mark up medicines as much as 700%.

The latest ad in the powerful trade group's "Let's Talk About Costs" campaign is based on PhRMA-funded research from The Moran Company, which used CMS data to examine costs and charges for all medicines from nearly 3,800 hospitals across the U.S. The research (PDF) found that 1 in 6 hospitals, or 17%, marked up 700% or more, while on average the hospitals increased med costs by 479%. Most hospitals (83%) marked up drugs 200% or more.