Merck runs out of Parkinson’s disease drug Sinemet as manufacturing issues, forecasting miss lead to shortage

Merck expects a shortage of its Parkinson's disease drug Sinemet to continue until next year. (Merck)

Merck & Co. is out of stock and dealing with back orders of some of its Sinemet Parkinson’s disease drug products that won't be resolved until next year. The issues have resulted from manufacturing problems at the CMO that produces the drug for Merck, and because the drugmaker badly missed its forecast for demand.

Merck recently let the FDA and other healthcare regulators around the globe know it expects the “constraint” for some Sinemet and Sinemet Pus products to continue into the first quarter of 2019. It suggested patients seek out levodopa products from other suppliers. Its controlled release version and other dose Sinemet products are unaffected at this time.