Ultra Fast Carbon Batteries are set to revolutionise manufacturing

NAWA Technologies founder Pascal Boulanger

French company NAWA Technologies has developed a new type of battery that can not only bring huge efficiency savings to the factory environment but even provide a blueprint for tomorrow’s transport network. The company’s founder, Pascal Boulanger, explains more.

The industrial world is constantly seeking ways to become faster and more efficient – and anything that reduces downtime, speeds up production and cuts overall costs is the ultimate goal. But where do you look to make improvements?

One area where major advances are being made is in battery technology. Currently there are two major trends in storage devices: one, the ability to hold more energy and two, the ability to offer much faster charging and a longer lifetime. One such innovation is the Ultra Fast Carbon Battery (UFCB) from NAWA Technologies, which is ideal for power tools and automated guided vehicles.

Based on the principle of the ultracapacitor, this energy storage solution can be charged and discharged within seconds. And it can do so over a million cycles without any loss in performance and high efficiency. Because it uses carbon as a base material – aligned carbon nanotube electrodes with a unique coating – and not a precious material like lithium, the UFCB is environmentally friendly and also very, very fast with unique storage capabilities. Compared to regular ultracapacitors, UFCB’s can hold five times more power or energy depending on application.