Rutges and JM Logistics the first to take space at AMS Cargo Center II

Rutges Cargo Europe and sister company J.M. Logistics have become the first tenant of new warehouse development AMS Cargo Center II at Schiphol Logistics Park.

The firms have signed a long-term lease agreement which includes 6,000 sq metres of warehouse space with 82 parking spaces for trucks and trailers.

AMS Cargo Center II will be opened on the Changiweg at Schiphol Logistics Park, directly across the road of AMS Cargo Center.

Vincent van ‘t Schip, owner of Rutges Cargo Europe en J.M. Logistics, said: “AMS Cargo Center II offers us opportunities for further development and growth of our activities.

“The unique location along the A4 and the N201 [roads] in combination with the design and the opportunities for parking of our equipment have made us decide to move here."

With 42 trucks, Rutges Cargo Europe is strongly oriented towards the European distribution of pharma, security and aerospace/sensitive market.

With 45 trucks, J.M. Logistics is an important player in the European road transport of exceptional cargo, particularly from agricultural machines, aircraft engines and other oversized cargo.

The construction works are expected to start in February 2019 and the complex will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019.