Astellas jumps into gene and cell therapy production with $255M investment

Tokyo-based Astellas said today it will invest $255.8 million to build new manufacturing and R&D facilities that will help it produce new cell and gene therapies. (Astellas)

Kenji Yasukawa, Ph.D., the new Astellas CEO, pledged to push the Japanese drugmaker further into gene and cell therapies for ocular, oncology and other diseases. Now the company says it will invest more than $250 million on manufacturing and R&D facilities in Japan and the U.S. to realize those ambitions.

The company has three projects up first, including investing ¥10 billion ($88 million) on an API facility and ¥5.0 billion ($44.2 million) on a clinical supply and early commercial manufacturing facility, both in Japan. It says it will also invest ¥14.0 billion ($123.6 million) to relocate and outfit a new R&D facility in the U.S.