Field Service Success: A How-To Guide by Richard Gilliard Managing Director Renovotec 

Picking the right technology is important for field service success argues Renovotec’s Richard Gilliard, who offers some practical advice

Field service employs some 20 million field technicians worldwide: it is forecast that by 2022 the global field service market will be worth $4.45 billion. ?

According to Gartner, by 2020 70% of organisations will cite customer satisfaction as a primary benefit of implementing field service management (up from 50%); and in the same year, more than 75% of field service organisations with over 50 users will use mobile apps that go beyond simplified data collection, adding capabilities that help technicians do their job.*

At the same time more than half of field service companies currently still coordinate work and perform functions manually?. A mixed picture maybe but field service is clearly set to accelerate into the future, driven by customer demand and fuelled by technology. Cloud-based mobility, the internet of things (IoT), machine learning and VR have been cited as just four of the technologies that can have a positive and measurable impact on customer experience and brand loyalty.