Janssen, Merck chip in for $100M U.K. vaccine center to help fight epidemics

Janssen and Merck are helping the U.K. government build a dedicated vaccine manufacturing and innovation center in Oxford. (Oxford Science Park)

To help prepare the post-Brexit U.K.—and potentially the world—for future disease outbreaks, the U.K. government, with help from academic institutions and the pharma industry, is building the country’s first vaccines manufacturing and innovation center with about $100 million in funding.

The U.K. government is investing £66 million ($84 million) in the center through a public-private partnership called UK Research and Innovation, while an additional £10 million will come from Janssen, Merck & Co. (known as Merck Sharp & Dohme in the U.K.), and biomedical research charity the Wellcome Trust.