Quick Hits from Around the CWM Tech Market

Ardent Partners research has long tracked the critical role contingent workforce management (CWM) technology plays in the Future of Work. Today’s article highlights some “quick hits” from around the CWM solutions marketplace.

Vendor Management System (VMS) solution Beeline expands its executive team and launches a new user interface.

The global technology provider announced last week that Michael Madden has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer, and Todd Pulley as its new Chief Financial Officer. Also, the provider has launched its new user interface, which promises a more modern and seamless experience for its customers.

“Beeline is excited that our new unified user interface is now live. This new UI shows the investment we are making in our platforms and in ensuring that all users have a great experience when they interact with Beeline,” said Brian Hoffmeyer, SVP of Market Strategies for Beeline. “It will soon be followed by additional innovations that will ultimately transform the VMS experience and, in so doing, help our clients optimize their use of non-employee talent.”

VMS provider VNDLY closes a major round of Series A funding.

The VMS platform recently raised an $11 million Series A round of funding, which, following similar funding in 2017, brings their total capital raised to $14 million. VNDLY has quickly made an impact in the world of CWM technology in such a short period of time (check out our recent interview with co-founder Shashank Saxena), and this funding will only help the provider continue to make waves in the competitive CWM technology market.

Geometric Results Inc. (GRI) remains committed to the Age of Intelligence for contingent workforce management.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Managed Service Provider (MSP) GRI execs Arthur Knapp (CEO) and Chief Data Officer, Salema Rice. What was incredibly striking about this briefing was the MSP’s dedication to the “Age of Intelligence” and its commitment to providing its customers with deep, actionable data through its Envision offering. “For decades the term “Business Intelligence” has been synonymous with a ‘rearview mirror’ approach to the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation for delivering business information.

“We differentiate ourselves in the new age on total talent analytics. Envision provides innovative information, insights, and advanced analytics based on our customer’s needs, engaging all available data assets. Envision is built on a System of Intelligence (SOI) that combines near real-time VMS data, Big Data science, massive amounts of benchmarking data and thought Leadership to empower, enable, and strengthen our customers programs,” said Rice. “In my opinion, Envision is the epitome of the “Age of Intelligence.” With data governance and data modeling at the core, we deliver solutions using Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) data science capabilities. Machine learning models, neural networks, and natural language processes allow us to empower our MSP programs like never before with everything from basic to advanced analytics to solve any business problem, and deliver “total talent management” for their contingent workforce, services procurement, and even FTEs, all through a single global user interface for descriptive intelligence (the past, “What happened?”), predictive intelligence (the future, “Why? And what’s next?”), and prescriptive intelligence (AI, “What should I do?”). In the Age of Intelligence, the power is infinite and the possibilities are endless.”

VectorVMS “enters” the CWM technology fray.

Late last year, news struck regarding the “spinoff” VMS platform VectorVMS from PeopleFluent, a longtime provider of human capital management and workforce management technology. The solution, which is part of the Learning Technologies Group (LTG) that bought PeopleFluent last year, will be able to fully direct its resources, software, and efforts within the CWM industry…something that the original PeopleFluent suite could not (as a side note, PeopleFluent’s Workforce Compliance and Diversity offerings have been rebranded as its own entity called Affirmity).

Not only will VectorVMS have the ability to home in on pure talent-based pressures and pain points for its customers, the solution will support the concept of business agility by enabling “pieces” of the Future of Work via the sister software and services of LTG, from learning and development to governance, risk, and compliance.

“Launching VectorVMS as its own brand identity has allowed us to be laser-focused on delivering innovation and responding to the needs of our clients and partners,” said Marc Husain, Managing Director of VectorVMS, during a recent briefing with the Ardent analyst team. “We’re excited to deliver a platform that can enable HCM integration across the talent ecosystem. As the nature of contingent work evolves, we’ll be able to drive success for clients regardless of how they acquire talent.”




Quick Hits from Around the CWM Tech Market


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