Dive into the KAUP product world21575

Dive into the KAUP product world21575

KAUP Product videos at a glance - summarised and clearly sorted by product families

Pictures say more than a thousand words - this old adage is now more valid than ever. However, it is not only limited to the private sphere, but also increasingly extends into the business world. In the past, a few good pictures were enough to market a product, but today it is best to have a meaningful picture gallery. And the importance of moving images - videos, animations, etc. - has also increased in recent years.

KAUP has reacted to this development and summarised all product videos on a separate page - supplemented by new ones and clearly sorted by product families.

In order to avoid having to surf to the overview page, videos are also integrated on most product detail pages and can be called up quickly.

For example: You want to know how a rotating roll clamp works? Then simply call up the corresponding page - Rotating Roll Clamp T458B.

Dive into the KAUP product world21575

Product videos are now an integrated part of the most product detail pages

Add-on: You want to know the difference between integrated and separate sideshift? Our animations explain it in simple way.

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Dive into the KAUP product world21575

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About Kaup
KAUP has its origins in Leider, an urban district of Aschaffenburg. In 1894 a smithy was founded which later specialized in repairs in the field of ship and harbour equipment and was the forerunner of today's company. In the beginning of the 1960s the company, headed by Otmar Kaup, began with the manufacturing of attachments for forklift trucks. Later production was extended to include container spreaders and stationary equipment for material handling.