Capital Equipment Sourcing and Procurement

CAPS Research releases a SnapShots benchmarking report on Capital Equipment Sourcing and Procurement. 

A brief survey was distributed asking organizations to provide their total spend for Capital Equipment and a breakout of spend for Capital Equipment sourced from low-cost countries. Organizations were also asked if there was an expectation that Capital Equipment spend, including Capital Equipment being sourced from low-cost countries, would increase, decrease, or not change.

The survey results imply that more than half of the survey participants have not sourced Capital Equipment from low-cost countries and do not anticipate doing so in the near future. But overall, half of the companies indicated they expect a 37 percent increase in Capital Equipment spend over the next two years.

The complimentary Snapshots benchmark report “Capital Equipment Sourcing and Procurement” is available on the CAPS Research public website First time visitors will be prompted to register to access the study. 

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