Schneider National Debuts Bulk Intermodal Transport Service

Schneider National Bulk Carriers has launched a bulk intermodal transportation service.

The company provides transportation for liquid chemical and energy shippers. The new service utilizes a fleet of 40-foot tank containers which can be used both on the rails and over the road, to haul liquid bulk chemicals across the U.S. Each container has a capacity of 5,800 gallons. By shifting some West Coast lanes from long-haul truck to intermodal, Schneider can rely on a small group of local drayage drivers for repeat deliveries, the company said. The service also results in a smaller environmental footprint, because rail transportation emits three times less carbon than truck, and uses less fuel. Schneider’s network allows for intermodal shipments to arrive within 24 hours of the time it would take for the load to move solely by truck, the carrier said. Currently it is operating nearly 100 of the 40-foot containers, and expects the number to double by the end of 2013. Schneider said it has plans to expand the service into Canada and Mexico.

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