SAP's Ariba Network Moving to HANA In-Memory Platform

The Ariba sourcing and procurement network, now part of SAP AG, is moving to the SAP HANA in-memory platform for real-time computing.

First step in the transition involved the Ariba Speed Visibility module. The shifting of the Ariba Network to SAP HANA “will enable participants in the business-to-business trading community to gain new insights into their operations and act on them more quickly than ever to drive unprecedented business outcomes and competitive advantage,” SAP said. Users will be able to access predictive intelligence on supplier risks, performance, capabilities and rates from the SAP global business network. Companies can draw on SAP Lumira, the vendor’s visualization software, to view data and outline strategies that advance business goals. Suppliers will, for the first time, be able to access their complete transaction history with a given customer, and create data visualizations that help them to understand how their payment cycles are trending, and whether their invoice-rejection rates are improving. The new capabilities can be added on an “opt-in” basis, SAP said.

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