Announcing the Sourcing and Procurement: 2016-2017 Tech and Innovation Outlook Report!

Hot off the presses! Get your hands on Ardent Partners’ latest and greatest technology-focused research, Sourcing and Procurement: The 2016-2017 Technology and Innovation Outlook Report! Click here to download (registration required).

The business world is forcing its executives, like the Chief Procurement Officer (“CPO”), to adapt to changing market conditions, customer demands, and technology innovations in order to drive greater value. B2B relationships continue to evolve as new markets emerge, old markets contract, and customer demand expands for greener and more innovative products. Big Data, cloud technologies, connected devices, mobility, and self-service platforms are changing the way that organizations conduct business. New supply risks, like cyber security, infectious diseases, modern slavery, and sustainability, join traditional risks like market fluctuations, political instability, terrorism, and weather; all of which CPOs and their teams need to manage in concert with other business leaders across the enterprise.

With so much innovation and uncertainty in B2B relationships today, it is imperative for CPOs and procurement teams to remain agile – to be responsive to the shifting sands of today while charting a course for tomorrow. As a result, procurement teams must adopt new strategies like shorter supplier contracts, have alternative suppliers or sources ready, and empower workers to execute the strategies of procurement’s “team captain,” the CPO. They also must embrace today’s innovations, like powerful, predictive analytics and advanced sourcing, and plan for tomorrow’s innovations, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. Change is often feared, but it can yield significant opportunity to drive procurement performance and enterprise value.

In the spirit of all of the innovation occurring inside and outside of the procurement organization today, Ardent Partners is pleased to present our comprehensive, research-driven Sourcing and Procurement: 2016-2017 Technology and Innovation Outlook Report, available for download here (registration required). This report is the culmination of years spent studying the procurement and supply management solution spaces and keeping abreast of the evolutionary nature of B2B technology solutions. Readers will:

  • Learn about the evolution of the role of procurement and its “team captain,” the Chief Procurement Officer, and how that evolution requires greater procurement to embrace agility and innovation;
  • Learn about the evolution of supply management solutions up and down the source-to-settle process, and how digitization and automation have forever changed the way that CPOs and their teams conduct business;
  • Gain insight into recent advances in commercial and enterprise technology, like Big Data, connected devices, and the “internet of things,” and how they are flooding the modern business with streams of information;
  • Stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies, like advanced analytics (for spend and contracts), predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many others; and
  • Understand how these innovations are creating opportunities and value for CPOs and procurement teams where there once was none.

This is the technology and innovation report that you have been waiting for. Get your hands on it now and start preparing for 2017. Click here to download!


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