Planning food logistics pre and post Brexit

London, UK: Companies throughout the cold chain will discuss and map out their response given different scenarios after Brexit at Cool Logistics Seminar in London on 29 March.

Brexit will not just trigger domestic political change and risk but may also have a substantial impact on current perishable logistics chains.

Planning food logistics pre and post BrexitCompanies need to be planning now for all possible scenarios to mitigate business risk and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

The UK is a net importer of food, with over 40% of fresh produce, nearly 80% of fresh meat and nearly 100% of prepared and processed foods imported either as finished or intermediate goods. Moreover, the food chain contributes £97bn per year to the UK economy, according to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

Given the fundamental importance of logistics to the UK food business, Brexit has the potential to have a substantial impact on the cold chain.

  • Will Brexit significantly reshape how food logistics companies do business with the UK?
  • Could existing trade flows be diverted as a result of Brexit?
  • Will demand outstrip supply for perishables in the UK?
  • Can the UK benefit from new trade deals?
  • What are the future implications for food safety and food security?
  • How will UK agriculture compete with the EU if subjected to tariffs?

To address a multitude of questions that food companies and logistics service providers will currently be facing, Cool Logistics is running a seminar to discuss and map out the many potential post-Brexit scenarios and assess their potential impact on the perishable supply chain.

The one-day seminar run by the organisers of Cool Logistics Global will offer a unique opportunity for all stakeholders of the perishable logistics industry to air thoughts and analyse how trade flows of fresh and frozen perishable goods will change in the years to come.

Taking place on Wednesday 29 March at The Cavendish Hotel in London, the event will provide a much needed space for companies throughout the cold chain to come together to look at the challenges and opportunities ahead.

An expert panel comprising senior industry figures will offer their assessment and advice, including Barbara Buczek, director of corporate development at the Port of Dover, Frank van Gelder, business director at Adelantex, Clive Lawrance, general manager at World Food Logistics, David Read, chairman of Prestige Purchasing and Christopher Sturman, chief executive of Food Storage & Distribution Federation.

The day will be moderated by Mathijs Slangen, head of strategy and strategic accounts, TIP Trailer Services.