New disruptive technology provides seamless digital receipting with instant customer ratings

Designed especially for high footfall retailers the console includes a number of unique features which take fast customer identification, digital receipting and ensuing engagement to a completely new level.

As well as utilising a ‘frictionless’ NFC/contactless ‘tap’ as a customer identification method, the new Xtra console now carries an optional, integrated barcode scanner. “This is a major step forward as it means that any retailer with an existing loyalty card scheme can now roll out digital receipting to all their members seamlessly and at minimal cost,” said Kevin Kane, Marketing Director at Tag Retail Systems.

“We developed the system based on our data from in-store trials and retailer research. The option to send customers a full digital receipt when simply scanning their loyalty card as normal creates a truly seamless customer experience, eliminates friction at the till and maximises customer uptake for retailers.”

The system can serve receipt data to or via existing retailer apps and web sites/portals plus facilitate traditional email delivery too. Along with each receipt, retailers can send customer specific offers, promotions and follow-on messaging to open up a new and engaging customer communication channel.  

The new console also features a full colour interactive touchscreen which allows retailers to conduct product and satisfaction surveys to gain instant customer feedback. Perfect for finding out about how offers and services are being perceived – all with real-time retailer feedback too.

As an added bonus the Xtra screen can be programmed to communicate special offers and relevant in-store promotions.

“Whilst customer use and retailer adoption are simple and straightforward, the underlying functionality is truly disruptive and at the forefront of retail innovation. We believe our system’s unique combination of creativity, innovation and technology, creates the ideal customer engagement platform to generate strong, personalised connections for an improved customer experience and increased sales.”

Tag Retail Systems will be launching the new Xtra console at RBTE 2017, Olympia, 8 - 9 May, Stand 950, where live demos of the system and its capabilities can be seen throughout each day.                     


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