GEFCO IS LAUNCHING NEW MULTIMODAL SERVICE FROM EUROPE TO CHINA VIA RIGA GATEWAY – Transport and logistics company GEFCO, in close cooperation with Transcontainer JSC and other industry partners, is launching a new route for multimodal deliveries connecting Germany and China via Port of Riga in Baltic Gateway. The first train with 52 x 40 containers started the journey from Riga to China on the 10th of May. ”Silk road solutions are becoming more and more important regarding logistics between China and Europe. Customers are looking for opportunities that reduce transit time and bring high quality service. Riga Gateway is an alternative route to reach China using rail and we believe that by launching this operation and proving the benefits and competitiveness of this new solution, we will be able to operate it on daily basis not only for deliveries to China, but also reaching Europe from China”, emphasizes Mr. Martynas Kersys, General Director of GEFCO Baltic.


RUSSIA – GEFCO Russia carried the first container block train on the Far East Region of Russia. The 800-meter train went from Komsomolsk-on-Amur to the port of Vladivostok (1,163 km), faster than average by 35%. It is the first one entirely organized by GEFCO for a customer. Dmitry Verbov, GEFCO Russia Head of the Railway department, said: “Every step, from loading the cargo from the factory (in the town of Amursk) to charter of a ship (Vladivostok) and cargo handling has been fulfilled by GEFCO in collaboration with different divisions of RZD Holding for the needs of the client. The service added value is more important for our client thanks to the process put in place.”

BALTICS – GEFCO Baltics has recently started cooperating with Tenaris, a company that provides supply chain management services and product technology to the leading oil and gas companies. The company is part of the Techint group and is collaborating with GEFCO Baltics on 3 multimodal deliveries in Riga that will provide further transportation to Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.


CHINA – GEFCO opened a new subsidiary in Chongqing on January 6. As an important part of GEFCO’s expansion in the global market, the new subsidiary reflects the group’s focus on China’s vehicle logistics market. Laurent Sik, General Manager of GEFCO China, commented: “GEFCO is devoted to meeting the market's needs, providing tailor-made services of higher quality, higher efficiency and higher cost performance. We’ve developed new Silk Road plans and we provide door-to-door road transportation services from the Western hinterland to Chongqing. We help our clients optimize the supply chain in order to reinforce their competitiveness.”

RUSSIA – GEFCO Russia has now a new regional office in Chelyabinsk (Ural). It is the 9th GEFCO Russian office. “Enhancing our presence in various regions is a strategic priority for GEFCO’s growth on the Russian market. Primarily, the new office in Chelyabinsk will work with the largest Russian industrial groups (metalworking, forest, chemical, oil & gas, and mining sectors)” says Daniil Tishanin, Business development manager GEFCO Russia in Chelyabinsk. 

SLOVAKIA – GEFCO just opened a new warehouse in Trnava. The storage area is already equipped with a rail siding as well as the different technologies for maintenance and storage of passenger and commercial cars. It has also been equipped with a mechanical workshop and car paint.  

BENELUX Three new warehouses in 2017 in the Netherlands: The first one has recently been unveiled in Zaandam, and the two others opened in Hoogeveen and Waalwijk. Warehousing is a brand new activity for GEFCO in the Netherlands.