Canadian-designed electric pickup truck makes debut at Toronto trade show

May 30, 2017
by Cleantech Canada Staff

Canadian-designed electric pickup truck makes debut at Toronto trade show

Havelaar’s Bison will be shrouded in mystery until it’s revealed at an electric vehicle trade show in Markham on May 30. PHOTO: Electric Mobility Canada

TORONTO—The Canadian division of the Havelaar Group—an electric vehicle firm with operations in Canada, the Netherlands and China—is unveiling its all-electric pickup truck, the Bison, in Markham, Ont. on May 30.

The Bison will make its debut at the EV/VÉ Conference and Trade Show, an annual event run by Electric Mobility Canada that hosts the latest innovations in Canada’s electric vehicle industry.

Havelaar Canada says the Bison, designed and tested in Canada, is built for the unforgiving weather and challenging terrain that typifies this country.

Capable of travelling 300 km on a single charge, this truck features a dual-motor, a fully-electric powertrain, all-wheel drive, a carbon fibre reinforced steel space frame and a high-current power socket for tools.

The company says the Bison’s off-road capabilities allow for 54 per cent hill start and 21 per cent hill climb at full load.

According to Havelaar, the Bison also boasts instant connectivity, a touchscreen display and driver assistive technology.

Havelaar Canada is currently taking reservations for Bison pre-orders on its website. No information on price is currently available.

In addition to bringing its EV pickup to the Canadian market, Havelaar has committed to research and development in Canada by forming a partnership with the University of Toronto.

The University of Toronto – Havelaar Electric Vehicle Research Centre focuses on powertrain, autonomous driving and energy management technologies to improve electric vehicles.