Logistical Support: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, 2531 Bremer Road, Ft. Wayne, IN 46803 (843) 747-7656email: kingston.vickers@trelleborg.comIn the Americas, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions markets its sealing range to Medical, Industrial, Automotive and Aerospace customers via our Marketing Companies and production facilities in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and California, as well as in Canada, Brazil and Mexico.Our headquarters is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with an on-site, industry-leading Research and Development laboratory and production site. Also based in Fort Wayne is the Logistics Center Americas (LCA), a 24,000 square-foot facility using the latest warehouse management technology, incorporating Supply Chain Management (SCM), bar coding and RF scanning, to boost productivity and expedite customer orders.The Trelleborg Sealing Solutions sales engineering team throughout the Americas, backed by technical and manufacturing expertise locally and from within the group worldwide, can develop the ideal sealing solutions for all applications.