TransLink Wind Turbine Distribution Center Delivery On Demand

Wind farm ROI (Return On Investment) is significantly impacted by initial costs, yet many wind energy developers and wind turbine component manufacturers fail to consider the entire construction cost when doing initial planning. Significant Mechanically Complete Wind Turbine Generator (MC-WTG) construction costs occur when logistics are not coordinated from beginning to end. This TransLink, Inc video shows processes of delivering and constructing MC-WTGs, including:•Blade Train rail shipping of WTG components from manufacturers•Using distribution centers•Component delivery from distribution centers to wind farm sitesLearning from Just In Time manufacturing -- including process and equipment standardization -- this video shows several WTG component delivery and storage Delivery-On-Demand processes, including using TransLink, Inc. stackers and cranes, to move WTG tower sections, blades, and nacelles at TransLink, Inc's distribution centers at Manly, Iowa and Boardman, Oregon. TransLink, Inc's Delivery-On-Demand processes impact several wind farm construction elements, including:•Planning•Logistics coordination•Damage prevention•Demurrage•Labor costs•Weather and other natural factors•Equipment, including new innovations in component handlingTransLink, Inc's new innovations in component-handling equipment and Delivery-On-Demand processes can significantly improve Wind Farm ROI.For more information, contact TransLink, Inc. at, or call (425) 322-5440.